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A funny sport called GYMNASTICS


Tatiana Nabieva has officially retired

Alan Owen has confirmed via Tatiana herself, as per the Facebook page of Tatiana Nabieva Online, that Tatiana is retiring from competitive gymnastics. 

As one door closes, another opens and I feel sure that Tatiana will continue her involvement in the sport as a coach, first of all at home in her home city of St Petersburg where she is studying at he Lesgaft Institute, but then, who knows where.

Tatiana has competed internationally at all levels from friendship to World Championships, from a very early age.  She has made friends everywhere she has travelled in the world, and is well known for her spontaneous and emotional character, a very likeable gymnast who seems to love people as much as she loves her sport.  Her feisty competitive spirit and fierce support for her friends and team mates were a missing ingredient on the Russian Olympic team in 2012, but she made a believable comeback in 2013, contributing to the Russian team’s domination of the Universiade in Kazan.  

As a junior ‘Nabs’ looked likely to contend with her close friend Aliya Mustafina for all around medals during her first senior year, 2010.  Powerful vaulting and innovative work on the uneven bars - where her straight Tkachev earned her accolades - made her a credible threat at world level.  Her beam work too, outstanding at junior level, was much underrated as a senior. 

Tatiana took a well deserved silver medal on the uneven bars in the 2011 World Championships, and was a linchpin of the Russian team’s gold medal performances in 2010 at both European and World level.  Back pain hampered her progress, however.    These outstanding achievements were a highlight in a too short international career.  But Tatiana will be remembered for much longer, and I hope her face will become a regular appearance on both the international and domestic scene as she progresses in her coaching career.

Good luck, Tatiana, we will remember you, miss you, and wish you well.



Wishing Nabieva a good post-gymnastics life. I’ll miss that laid-out Tkatchev


Wishing Nabieva a good post-gymnastics life. I’ll miss that laid-out Tkatchev

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Russian team at the Universiade, compilation